Sometimes, when people say that they are snowed in they just mean that it is snowing outside so they are choosing to stay home.  This isn’t one of those times.  Dan and I are quite literally snowed in.  And we are about ready to climb the walls down of his condo.  Or take another nap.  Look at the parking lot full of cars in the picture above!

I was supposed to fly home today.  I figured that since the snow was going to end yesterday, there really shouldn’t be a reason to not fly out the following afternoon.  Right.  JetBlue called me up and said, “Lindsay, I don’t know what you were thinking making that Sunday reservation, but you aren’t going anywhere!”  The recording didn’t say it exactly like that, but that was the general gist of it. 

This is what Dan’s backyard looked like on Friday morning:

And this is Dan yesterday afternoon.  He isn’t going to let a little bit of snow get him down:

We probably shouldn’t have bothered going out to look at the car, but it was necessary if we wanted to get to work and the airport in the morning.  I am lucky enough to have a bad back so I barked instructions and Dan did the heavy lifting.  Maybe this is what got him the nickname Heavy-D in high school.

Here is the car parked next to Dan’s.  That guy has evidently chosen to wait until spring to go back to work.  I don’t blame him.

So, of course, even though we had shoveled the car out, we couldn’t take it anywhere because there were vultures waiting to sweep up the first open spot.  And Dan didn’t seem keen on the idea of digging out a whole new parking space.  In Boston we would have just put a cone in the space and no one would dare touch it for fear of their tires being slashed and the car being keyed.  But people in MD aren’t familiar with that rule, and we didn’t have a cone anyway.  This wouldn’t be a problem except that Dan’s fridge is pretty much empty except for some muscle milk.


So, we climbed the nearest major roadway to the grocery store.  We were tired, wet, cold, and covered by the spray of passing cars by the time we got home.  But we did get the ingredients to make some kick-butt nachos to watch during the Super Bowl Puppy Bowl tonight!  Can’t wait!